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Moffsoft FreeCalc

MoffSoft FreeCalc 1.1 is a basic free calculator for Windows
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MoffSoft FreeCalc 1.1 is a basic free calculator for Windows.
This calculator offers some different features to make a good option to use. It offers a tape that is showed at the right side of the calculator and in this tape shows the operations performed on the calculator. Even you can clear the tape history or the operations performed on it with the CT button.
It can run when Windows started up; also it can be always on the top of other Windows applications; or it can display the icon on the Windows system tray. Also you can modify the GUI of the calculator by changing its color or its buttons appearance. It can be resized just by clicking and dragging one of the edges of the application’s window.
It provides some buttons double zero (00) and triple zero (000) to avoid re-typing zero button many times. Another great feature is that you can know in every moment what is value contained on memory because is always displayed on the calculator status bar.
Its installation process is very easy to perform. Its documentation is included with the software and is very complete and detailed to offer a good guide to use the program.
MoffSoft FreeCalc works in Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • MoffSoft FreeCalc is an alternative Windows calculator with many good features to use it instead the classic Windows calculator


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