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Moffsoft FreeCalc 1.2 is a great replacement for your windows' calculator.
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Moffsoft FreeCalc 1.2 is a great replacement for your Windows' calculator. The creators of this program added to this calculator a lot of features that the standard windows calculator does not have. This calculator is very useful and will obviously calculate at the same speed your standard window calculator does. Moffsoft FreeCalc 1.2 has got a lot of good features. Using this calculator, you will be able to change the calculator size, and the program will remember the size and the position where you placed it and open it exactly there the next time you launch it. The application will also allow you to change the color of your calculator so you choose the one you like the most. Moffsoft FreeCalc 1.2 has got a lot of different settings options. Using the program, you will be able to use different options, such as always on top, flat buttons, tray icon, run on startup, and hiding menus and options of the calculator. You will be able to set the calculator so it works according to the way you use calculators on your region (digit grouping and decimal point characters). Moffsoft FreeCalc 1.2 also has got another great features such as new keys and visible memory value. The calculator is really easy to use and the program has got a really friendly interface.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It has got a lot of features
  • It's a good replacement for your windows' calculator
  • It has plenty of different options


  • It has got no disadvantages
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